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When Dangerous And Defective Products Hurt People

When you buy a product or use a manufactured item (such as a seat on an airplane), you rightfully expect that whoever supplied those goods tested them to make sure they would be safe for the public. Sadly, this is not always the case. If you or your loved one was hurt because of a dangerous or defective product, you are doing the right thing by looking for an attorney to advise you on how to pursue justice.

Product liability, in legal terms, means that people and companies that make and sell products owe consumers a duty to protect the safety of those who use those products. Someone who has been injured by a defective product does not need to prove that negligence occurred. They only need to show that the product was defective and caused injury. After a medication, tool, toy or appliance has harmed you or a loved one, turn to an experienced personal injury attorney to discover who is responsible to compensate you.

How We Can Help

At , we are involved in our communities and truly care about people. We have dedicated our careers as attorneys to helping injured people throughout Louisiana recover compensation from liable parties to pay for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Pain and suffering

Potential layers of liability for these cases may include individuals and companies responsible for bad design, faulty manufacturing and/or misleading wholesale or retail marketing. When we investigate manufactured products that have caused injury, we often learn that many other consumers have been harmed by the same products. In such cases, our lawyers can help clients initiate or join class-action lawsuits (also known as mass torts). This is often a cost-effective way to hold manufacturers responsible on a large scale.

Bring Us Your Story

As dedicated plaintiffs’ attorneys, we are genuinely interested in learning about how you are injured by a dangerous or defective product. We are also interested in helping you make Louisiana a safer place to live by bringing a product liability claim or lawsuit on your behalf.

We are here to guide you through all phases of your case, from evaluation to investigation to preparing for trial and reaching a settlement or verdict. We may settle your claim out of court, but we will not take shortcuts while pursuing the best available outcome for you. To schedule a free consultation by phone, in a videoconference or at our office in Baker, call 225-308-2116 or complete our online inquiry form.