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Just Compensation For Nursing Home Negligence

You may have a great sense of betrayal after staff members did not properly care for your vulnerable loved one in a long-term care facility. Getting legal counsel can bring answers and justice on behalf of your relative who has suffered injuries or loss of life.

At , we work hard to bring relief to our clients whose loved ones have been injured through the negligence of others. We have a track record of success in bringing claims and lawsuits against nursing home administrators and others in Louisiana who have failed in their duty to care for residents.

Let Us Evaluate Your Case And Devise A Plan To Right The Wrong

You may have discovered that your family member was neglected or mistreated in a nursing home or assisted living facility through one or more of these outcomes:

  • Your loved one developed bedsores that were left untreated, leading to infection or sepsis.
  • They demonstrate signs of malnutrition and/or dehydration.
  • They have unexplained bruises or skin tears and/or show a lack of grooming.
  • They seem nervous around staff members, making you suspect that they have been emotionally or physically abused.
  • They broke a bone after falling out of bed.
  • They were injured or lost after wandering away from the care facility.
  • Your loved one was apparently overmedicated – possibly for staff members’ convenience, resulting in a fall.

After any such negligence comes to light, you and your family member may face medical bills and other expenses. They may show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As you take steps to protect your loved one and get justice, you can also protect other residents of the same facility from suffering similar fates.

We Are Here To Investigate And Get Results

If we handle your family member’s nursing home neglect case, we will look closely at all known facts and dig deep to discover more. We may discover that understaffing was the real cause. We will work hard to hold the wrongdoers responsible – and bring relief to the neglected resident and/or family members.

We hope to hear from you as you respond to your loved one’s nursing home injury. Initial consultations are free at . Call 225-308-2116 or email us to schedule a meeting at your convenience with one of our personal injury attorneys based in Baker.